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Insight and Analysis

Choose France

Mathilde Defarges writes about President Macron’s plan to attract €3 billion in foreign investment to France over the next five years.


Latin America and the OECD

Dan Erikson and Gabriella Ippolito report on the agony, ecstasy, and complexity of joining the "rich nations club."


The Power of Patience

Jeff Gedmin shares tools for watching politics and public policy that can help us see what’s actually happeningand whats importantin today’s ferocious and frenetic pace.


Dan Erikson Speaks on Economic Development in the Caribbean

Dan Erikson spoke on a panel discussion hosted by the Inter-American Dialogue and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) focusing on the roles that structural transformation, natural disasters, and fiscal policy have on unleashing future growth in the Caribbean.


Sally Painter Moderates Discussion with
Transatlantic Female Thought Leaders

Sally Painter moderated the Atlantic Council panel discussion, "Taking Stock of the Transatlantic Relationship: Female Leaders Reflect on 2017." The event was also made possible by the support of the Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Association.

The discussion served as the inaugural event of the Atlantic Council’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, which among other issues focuses on female leadership, gender diversity, and advancing the rights of LGBTI persons.


Dan Erikson Moderates Discussion in
Mexico City on China and Latin America

Dan Erikson moderated a panel discussion on "Xi Jinping’s New Global Strategy" in Mexico City at the China and the New Global Order conference hosted by the Inter-American Dialogue and the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations (COMEXI).

The gathering examined recent developments in Chinese foreign and economic policy and implications for U.S.-China-Mexico relations.



Tips and Recommendations

Self-taught artists...

Jesica Lindgren recommends...

A fascinating exhibition of "outsider art" currently on display at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC until May—also appearing in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

When art by outsiders and mainstream artists are shown together, the comparison highlights striking cultural influences at work, especially during times of social upheaval.

National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, January 28 – May 13, 2018. Other venues: High Museum of Art, Atlanta, June 24–September 30, 2018 Los Angeles County Museum of Art, November 18, 2018–March 18, 2019.


In Bologna, Italy...

Gabriella Ippolito recommends...

Monti Armando: Possibly the best bakery in Bologna with wonderful holiday goodies like panettone (try the one filled with Nutella), pandori, and marron glacés as well as a large assortment of cookies, cornetti, and savory breads and pastries.

FICO World Eataly: a giant Italian food theme park located outside of Bologna. I recommend spending a few hours there sampling everything and watching the mozzarella making demonstration followed by perusing the massive market inside FICO.

Mercato Centrale Bologna: Bologna’s Central Market. I suggest ordering a cioccolata densa with whipped cream (in winter) and people watching.

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