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Insight & Analysis

Blue Star Strategies brings seasoned perspective to our work across diverse industry sectors,
which inform our strategic consulting and advocacy services.

Karen Tramontano on Evolving Trends in Global Philanthropy

Karen Tramontano, a member in longstanding of the Clinton Global Initiative, reflects on its mission of turning "ideas into action" which changed the way philanthropy is done in the United States.

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Sally Painter on the Crisis Facing Europe

Sally Painter shares her read-out from a panel discussion at the Concordia Summit, a global 
forum for leaders in business, government, and the nonprofit sector to discuss challenges and identify avenues for collaboration.

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ILO Launches New Initiative at UN General Assembly

Blue Star reports on the 
launch of The Global Deal, a new social dialogue initiative supported by the International Labour Organization that brings together governments, workers, and business to broaden the benefits of globalization to societies.

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Tips & Recommendations

Blue Star Strategies works with diverse clients around the world and is committed to the pursuit of learning and growth from our many enriching relationships and partnerships.

Café Life...In Vienna, Austria
What We're Reading

Karen Tramontano recommends...

Café Hawelka, a traditional Viennese
coffeehouse located in the 1st District in the Innere Stadt.

Started by the Hawelka family in 1939,
this veritable institution has a storied history, a cozy atmosphere, and is known for its artistic and literary vibe as well as for its coffees and pastries.

Café Hawelka, 1010, Dorotheergasse 6, close to U1 Stephansplatz

Sally Painter recommends...

The Presidents Club: Inside the World's Most Exclusive Fraternity, by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy.

About the bonds between the last thirteen U.S. presidents.


Political & Market Updates

Blue Star Strategies works around the world with global businesses, governments, political reformers, and organizations. Click here for examples of our recent engagements.

From Europe...

In the Baltics, the U.S. affirmed Western support for the region in light of increased fears of Russia, while Vice President Biden congratulated Latvia on its recent accession to the OECD.

In Washington, new legislation passed in the House to bolster U.S. support for Ukraine, while the IMF announced that the country would receive $1 billion in support as it moves to implement continued domestic economic and structural reforms.

In Hungary, a public referendum rejected an EU plan to allocate migrants and asylum seekers across Europe. Although the results were declared legal invalid due to voter turnout being less than the required 50 percent, aftershocks of the plebiscite were felt in nearby countries as well as in Brussels

From Latin America...

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry met with President Maduro of Venezuela for the first time, amidst an ongoing humanitarian and political crisis in the country where massive public demonstrations have taken place in Caracas. As Venezuela faces increasing instability and a desire for political change, the U.S. has lent support for a recall referendum 
of its political leadership before the close of this year.

In Colombia, voters narrowly rejected a nationwide referendum to ratify a peace accord to end its 52-year old conflict that had been recently reached between the government and the country's largest rebel group, the 
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). The deal was rejected by a margin of 50.2 to 49.8 and although both sides have vowed not to return to fighting, efforts to build a stable peace will now take center stage.
In the News

Blue Star Strategies professionals provide regular commentary and analysis on
television, online, and in print. Click here for our recent appearances.

NATO Cannot Be Strong If Democracy Is Weak, by Jeff Gedmin in Politico Europe

Farming On The EdgeThe Guardian (photo below), featuring the work of the Global Fairness Initiative, the anti-poverty nonprofit organization founded by Karen Tramontano

A salt farmer rakes the dense, briny water on the salt flats in Surendranagar, India’s most prolific salt-producing region. Photo Credit: Sally Painter. Source: The Guardian.

Events & Happenings

Blue Star Strategies is active in our community and hosts a regular "Discussion Series" featuring insights from global leaders on foreign affairs, economic development, and human rights issues.


Ukraine Independence Day

Blue Star Discussion Series

Blue Star co-sponsored the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council Reception Fund in honor of the Embassy of Ukraine's 25th Independence Day celebration.

Photo: Sean Keeley (left) & Jesica Lindgren (right).

Blue Star hosted Mustafa Dzhemilev, the renowned Soviet-era human rights activist and leader of the Crimean Tatar minority community who was recently nominated for the EU’s 2016 Sakharov Prize.

Mr. Dzhemilev, who survived 17 years in the Soviet gulag, inspired discussants with his description of the deteriorating human rights situation in occupied Crimea.

Photo: Jeff Gedmin (second from right) leads discussion with Mustafa Dzemilev (far left).
Recent & Upcoming Events

Blue Star Strategies professionals organize events and speak at conferences, public policy institutions, and expert fora on current events and trends.
One Young World Summit
October 1, Ottawa, Ontario
Karen Tramontano, panelist

The Illiberal Turn?
October 13, Washington, DC
Sally Painter, panelist

Baltic Forum 2016
October 22, Jūrmala, Latvia
Sally Painter, panelist 

2016 Fairness Awards
November 30, Washington, DC
Karen Tramontano, Founder & President, Global Fairness Initiative (host)
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