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United States Elections: November 8, 2016

On November 8th, Americans will exercise their civic duty by voting in elections for president of the United States, as well as for Congress and for state and local representatives and public policies.

At Blue Star Strategies, our work around the world focuses on advancing democratic values, transparent and inclusive economic development, and respect for the rule of law.

From this experience, we've seen just how fragile the institutions of democracy can be and how easily their foundations can be undermined and their integrity challenged.

That is why we are so deeply committed to their defense in our country and abroad and to the importance of an active and engaged citizenry in shaping its nation's political and economic agenda and affairs.

This year's U.S. elections strike many Americans, us included, as a vital opportunity to set a course forward that can lead our country confidently, capably, and constructively in a world that faces a myriad of increasingly complex economic, social, security, and human rights challenges.

We encourage all Americans to vote and, in doing so, play a critical role in contributing to the health and vitality of our strong and precious American democracy and tradition that we hold so dear.

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The Blue Star Strategies Team

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Russia-EU Interdependence

Sally Painter shares her read-out from the Baltic Forum in Latvia, where leaders gathered to discuss the challenges of interdependence between Russia, the European Union, and the West.

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Italy's Constitutional Referendum

Gabriella Ippolito reports on Italy's upcoming constitutional referendum, which could drastically change Italian politics.

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Brazil Elections: Tilt to the Right?

Sarah Tralins reports on Brazil's nationwide municipal elections, which dealt a sweeping rejection to the country's former governing party.

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Tips & Recommendations

Blue Star Strategies works with diverse clients around the world and is committed to the pursuit of learning and growth from our many enriching relationships and partnerships.

Haute Cuisine...In Riga, Latvia
What We're Reading

Sally Painter recommends...

Vincents Restorāns, one of the top dining destinations in Eastern Europe located a short walk from Riga's Old City.

Founded in 1994, the restaurant has become a pioneer in the international "slow food" movement in Latvia, where head chef Mārtiņš Rītiņš creates wonderful farm-to-table menus.

Restaurant Vincents, 19 Elizabetes Street, Tel. +371 67 332 830

Jeff Gedmin recommends...

Freedom's Advocate: A Twenty-Five Year Chronicle, by Aaron Levenstein.

Published in 1965, this books tells the story of the battle in America against isolationism and in favor of a responsible, internationalist foreign policy marrying interests with values.

Karen Tramontano recommends...

The Decline of the West, and How to Stop It, by Javier Solana & Strobe Talbott.

An article about the long-standing stabilizing effect of Transatlantic internationalism and what can be done to address legitimate concerns about the impact of globalization.

Events & Happenings

Blue Star Strategies is active in our community and hosts a regular "Discussion Series" featuring insights from global leaders on foreign affairs, economic development, and human rights issues.

2016 Fairness Award
Blue Star Discussion Series

Please join us for the 7th annual 2016 Fairness Award ceremony on November 30 in Washington, DC, honoring
exceptional leaders whose work and life have opened opportunity and access for poor and marginalized communities.

The Fairness Awards are hosted by the Global Fairness Initiative, a non-profit organization created by founder and president Karen Tramontano to promote
a more equitable, sustainable approach to economic development.

Click here to reserve your tickets and for more information.

Blue Star's next Discussion Series will feature a conversation with Tad Stahnke, recently appointed director of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's Initiative on Holocaust Denial and Antisemitism.

An expert on combating discrimination and the right to freedom of religion and belief, Mr. Stahnke previously worked at Human Rights First and the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

Click here to let us know if you are interested in attending.

Political & Market Updates

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The United Nations announced António Guterres as the next UN Secretary General. President Obama congratulated Mr. Guterres, pledging U.S. support for addressing a wide array of global challenges while stressing the importance of UN reform and modernization efforts.

announced a new post to coordinate intelligence gathering and security, appointing the 
former deputy head of Germany's intelligence service and current German ambassador to the Czech Republic Arndt Freytag von Loringhoven.

The World Bank released its 2017 annual Doing Business guide, which 
measures business regulations for companies operating in 190 economies around the world.


Austria will hold a third round of its presidential election between a former Green party leader and the head of a the far-right Freedom Party, reflecting an increasing shift to the right across Europe.

The Czech Republic set up a counter-intelligence unit to push back against a perceived Russian information war designed to destabilize the country.

In Georgianational parliamentary elections were a victory for the pro-Western Georgian Dream party, which also favors closer ties with Russia. The country hopes to join the European Union and NATO.

Latin America...

In Cuba-U.S. relations, the United States abstained for the first time from the annual UN General Assembly resolution vote calling for an end to the U.S. embargo. U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power explained the abstention, citing the Obama Administration's support to restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba.

In Venezuela, election officials suspended the referendum to recall President Nicolas Maduro from office, prompting the country's opposition to open a trial against the president for violating the constitution and portending continued conflict.

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