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This Month in the #BlueStarBrief
Happy Thanksgiving! As we near the end of 2022, we thank our readers, partners, and clients for their continued support.

It has been almost nine months since Russia invaded Ukraine, and our support remains with the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom and sovereignty. As winter grows closer and the west prepares to feel the impact of a continued energy crisis, we hope for an end to the invasion and for continued unwavering support of Ukraine. Please continue to use the sources outlined in our
March edition to stay up to date and support Ukrainian defenders. (Editors note - the freedom fund link in our March edition no longer works, use this link instead). Additionally, see below for information on Operation Palyanystya, a virtual sleeping bag and generator drive aimed at keeping Ukrainian defenders and citizens warm through the winter.
Here's what we have for you in this month's #BlueStarBrief:
The US Midterms - What Happened? An Analysis from our DC Team

BSS at GLOBSEC and the French American Foundation
BSS' Gabriel S. Zinny on how Education Policy Helped Shape the US Midterms
Operation Palyanystya - Sleeping Bags for Ukraine
US Midterm Analysis - What Happened, What's Next?
By Blue Star Strategies' DC Team
With 5 House races left to call, the Republicans will take control of the House – and the Democrats will maintain their control of the Senate.

Much has been written about the so-called "red wave" and why it did not materialize. It turns out that U.S. voters, while not pleased about inflation, remain concerned about democracy and took steps to ensure that most of the "election deniers" running for state and federal office would not be serving as Governors, Secretaries of State or new Members of Congress in 2023. The mid-term vote also demonstrates that voters – at least a majority of voters—are tired of the noise and disruption in politics and want their elected leaders to focus on doing the peoples’ business – not their own.
Read more about the results, and what to expect come January, here.

BSS At GLOBSEC Tatra and the French American Foundation
BSS COO Sally Painter (Speaking) at the GLOBSEC Tatra Summit's "Winter Is Coming: European Unity put to the Test" Panel
Blue Star Strategies is thrilled to have our firm participating in important policy and thought leadership events throughout Europe and the US. Blue Star COO Sally Painter was a panelist at GLOBSEC's 2022 Tatra Summit, where she discussed how Europe's leaders can continue to hold the line against Russian aggression as they wrestle with inflation, a growing energy crisis, and rising cost-of-living. Read more about the event here.
BSS CEO Karen Tramontano Speaking at a French American Foundation-France Breakfast Following the US Midterms
Blue Star CEO Karen Tramontano spoke at a French American Foundation Breakfast in Paris following the US Midterms, sharing her analysis of the midterm results and breaking down some of what can be expected from the next legislative term. Karen also participated in a Young Leaders dinner, speaking to them about American political life, the economy, transatlantic relations, and sharing with them her vision of leadership in the light of her experience in the White House. Blue Star Strategies is honored to participate in shaping the world's next generation of leaders. For more information and pictures from the event, check the French-American Foundation's LinkedIn here.

Education on the Ballot: Gabriel Sanchez Zinny on the US Midterms.

The midterm elections in the United States brought many surprises. The first is that a Republican wave was expected in the House of Representatives, and perhaps in the Senate, and that did not happen. Another, which is no longer new, is the failure of pollsters, analysts and forecasters, of any ideology, of any institution. Even more worrisome is the delay in counting the votes in a highly fragmented electoral system that is showing little execution, generating doubts, legal actions, and conspiracy theories in both parties.

But perhaps one of the most positive surprises seen in this campaign was the focus on education that many candidates have placed, both at the national and district levels. It was a topic that dominated the agenda, and attracted a lot of attention from the media, donors and interest groups.

Read Gabriel's piece in the original Spanish here, or an English translation here.

Operation Palyanystya - Sleeping bags for Ukraine
Temperatures are dropping as winter sets in. Russia has destroyed 30% of Ukrainian power stations in just over a week. Combined with Russian seized and occupied areas containing vast amounts of Ukraine's energy sources (solar, wind, coal, and nuclear), the Ukrainian people are facing a brutal winter.

Help Ukraine 22 is holding a virtual sleeping bag and generator drive for those who lost their home due to the war. The sleeping bags are portable and keep people warm as our shelters strive to optimize electric and gas heating during blackouts and outages. We are also sourcing generators for trusted partners in the worst-affected areas, as there are none in left in Ukraine.

Learn more about how you can support this important effort here.
Thank you for reading this month’s #BlueStarBrief.

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